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SCOPE: Kara hired full-time on the marketing team as the Social Media Media Senior Associate to strengthen and re-structure the brand's online presence and holistic marketing strategy to improve engagement and traffic to site. Maximizes traffic, engagement, and growth potential with data-driven social media strategy across all social platforms for a combined audience of over 1.5 million

RESPONSIBILITIES + accomplishments 

  • Restructured Instagram strategy based on data and has grown the account by 70% with an average engagement rate of 9% (increased by 6% MoM) and Instagram story completion rate of 98%. This was done by producing relevant compelling content and establishing consistent series and brand partnerships.

  • Developed Instagram stories series called “Own It,” “Walk This Way Wednesday,” and “This or That” to drive audience to the site and potential to be sold to advertisers. “This or That” became highest watched and #1 driver on the platform for B2C engagement and traffic to site.

  • Ideates and launches new brand marketing and content initiatives from Instagram story series to takeovers, giveaways, and seasonal campaigns by planning a holistic strategic social media content calendar

  • Oversees all aspects of content creation across social channels working closely with design, creative, community, and brand partnerships teams using data to enhance brand story with the potential to be sold to advertisers based on data and results (such as previously mentioned story series).

  • Actively reports on new trends and data, advising digital and content teams on changes to strategy, wins, and opportunity areas to reach brand KPIs

  • Works closely with community manager and brand partnerships team on influencer and brand content campaign concepts for brand awareness and exposure

  • Branded campaigns have included: Etsy, LOFT, Google, and adidas

1 . Top performing Instagram asset for Brit + Co ideated by Kara and created by design team.   2 . Brit + Co Instagram feed curated, edited, and designed by Kara   3 . Giveaway with @LoBosworth and @LoveWellnessCo that was successful in cross-promotion and brand awareness

1. Top performing Instagram asset for Brit + Co ideated by Kara and created by design team.

2. Brit + Co Instagram feed curated, edited, and designed by Kara

3. Giveaway with @LoBosworth and @LoveWellnessCo that was successful in cross-promotion and brand awareness


SCOPE: Kara hired to manage the brand's story through social media strategy, content creation, marketing campaigns and initiatives, digital marketing campaigns and ads, local outreach for media opportunities, influencers, in-store campaigns and more. 

SERVICES+ accomplishments 

  • Social media strategy and management including a clear visual brand story via social media channels with original content creation and imagery

  • Increased the brand's online engagement rate by 25% within first three months

  • Provided brand awareness through over fifteen partnerships with local brands and influencers for maximum organic exposure

  • Instagram takeovers and giveaways with an average of 7% increase per giveaway and takeover

  • Reputation management through online monitoring and measuring Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Trip Advisor

  • Customer service specialist with quick response rate and daily engagement

  • Started conversations with local brands which turned into monthly partnerships for events

  • Successfully used social media strategy for monthly in-store campaigns to increase sales and bring in new and potential customers






SCOPE: Kara hired to travel across the country from Washington, DC to San Francisco, California on the California Zephyr route to take lifestyle images from the perspective of a traveler during a winter passage. 

SERVICES+ accomplishments 

  • Conceptualized, styled, shot and edited images

  • Provided brand awareness through Instagram stories and posts throughout trip

  • Delivered 300 images for client to use

  • Images used on brand’s social media channels and website seen by a measurable audience of 700,000 + (combined from Facebook and Instagram)



SCOPE: Kara hired to capture, style and shot new Spring collection in lifestyle setting that aligned with the personality of brand and audience. 

SERVICES+ accomplishments 

  • Conceptualized, styled, directed, shot and edited images images for the Spring 2018 collection

  • Delivered 75 images for client to use for social media campaigns, website and other digital media use