summer style | madison lauren

This photo shoot was pretty wonderful and fun. It was about 92 degrees outside, yet somehow Madison still made every shot look as though it was the perfect 75 degrees on a summer day.

My photography style is completely focused on the attention to detail. Her style reflected this perfectly. From her jewelry, incredibly chic shoes to her woven bag, she nailed the effortlessly cool girl chic. 

Madison was so fun to shoot because she also is a photographer. She's currently in school studying and wanted to do this shoot to help herself learn how to guide subjects when they are in front of the camera. In terms of switching it up to being in front of the camera, she crushed it. 

It's easy to feel as though our Instagram feeds, social channels, local ads we see, etc. make it seem as though there is nowhere to shoot these days that hasn't already been done. But I really believe that it's your subject and style that can make all of the difference. 


I am booking for the remainder of the summer and for Fall 2017! I would love to work with you. Shoot me over an email and let's #CreateRight together!