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Connect Right: Life, Leggings & Lord Huron

Hi, Spring, we've been waiting.

I felt a whole burst of happiness streaming from everyone in the DMV over the last week as we all shed off our winter skin and let our shoulders see the sun. I am beyond ready for a new season, fresh start, and some freckles.

As bipolar as this weather has been, so has life. I'm getting a little more personal than usual this week, so be open-minded and ready to (hopefully) feel inspired. I'm also sharing a made in DC brand that I genuinely have fallen in love with, and it is too good to keep to myself. If you have noticed me rocking leggings and Nikes....basically every day, you can read why below! 

Enjoy, my loves! 




Heart Talk by Cleo Wade.

Being an entrepreneur has so. many. ups. and. downs. But so does life. And that is one thing we can all agree on.

For myself, 2017 - 2018 has been the biggest roller coaster in my twenty six years in this crazy little world.  My business has soared, stalled, and revved back up. I have started to work bi-coastally and explore new cities that I have fallen in love with. My relationship of almost four years ended (coincidentally, many of my friends found themselves in the same position), and in turn, I have met some amazing humans. I've realized that I am at a stage / phase of life where people are going in two different directions: settling down or soaring. Not to say that my friends who are settling down are not soaring, but rather soaring in a relationship or place in life that they are beautifully content with and in turn, happy to settle down. Meanwhile, the soarers are the ones who are now using this time in their life to explore, meet new people, gain new perspective, find out what it is they really want, and are also okay with not knowing.


One thing both of these groups have in common is the every day challenge of comparison. It is easy to look on social media, or a couple at a coffee shop and think that "wow, she HAS IT FIGURED OUT," or "damn, I wish I looked that happy and peaceful with 'my person' - who has yet to exist." But really, no one has it totally figured out, and it's so important to remember that perception is key on our place in the world. 

In this era of constant comparison, books like Heart Talk and The Universe Has Your Back are amazing reminders of self-love, trust, and the importance of being present. These, I believe, are the biggest drivers in maintaining your level of personal happiness. Cleo's book is full of poems, quotes, and excerpts on the hard and easy parts of life. I love to read a quote in the morning and reflect on it before I start writing my to-do list. Finding that time to be inspired, shift your perspective, and be grateful for the moment you are living in can truly make a world of a difference. 

[Clearly, you can tell I have huge crushes on Gabby and Cleo - you should follow them both, and I promise you will too! ].

One day I will dive into more detail on the tougher things in my life, but as for now, grab yourself this book and inspire ya self.  (purchase below!)


Body Renn

Are you obsessed with LuLulemon?The comfort, light-weight, yet trendy vibe? Yup, I am with you. Buttttt what if you found a female-owned brand from DC whose leggings are more affordable and maybe (definitely, in my opinion) even better quality?! My roommate started to get a little worried when I was no longer in my usual cutoff Madewell jeans, but rather constantly in Nikes and my Body Renn leggings. No joke. They are incredible. Comfortable, amazing quality and perfect for lounging or actually deciding to go on a run instead of getting froyo. Mayena has such a beautiful eye for mixing fashion with athletic apparel and I cannot rave more about this brand. She also has designed tops, sports bras and crop tops. Hello, Gigi Hadid. 

So excited to be working on a really fun project with them this week - so stay tuned to my Instagram stories to see the behind the scenes! 

Give them a follow and try out a pair! 


Lord Huron. 

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

I am a huge believer in falling in love with a band by seeing / hearing them for the first time at a live show. You'll forever listen to them remembering their music in this light, and will fall in love again and again with each listen. This is my love story with Lord Huron. One summer, two of my close friends called me and said "Leave work early, we're going to Richmond to see Lord Huron." I had no idea who they were, or wtf that meant, but always down for live music, I obliged. We drove two hours, grabbed some drinks, sat on the grass and listened to these beautiful souls at Brown's Island. (notice how little we look / the college 15 resting happily in my cheeks). 

Back to Lord Huron - I suppose they fall under the "American Indie" genre, but really the lead singer's voice is that of magic. Every song is an adventure you want to be a part of, even the not so happy ones. One of my favorites is She Lit a Fire. You just really want to be the girl that lead singer, Ben Schneider, is singing about. I also realize you might recognize their song The Night We Met, which went viral after Netflix's 13 Reasons Why, a notorious break up song / song for any amazing moments of nostalgia. 


They're playing at The Anthem this Friday, and if you have a chance you should try and snag a ticket! I promise you will have a new favorite for all occasions (mostly grass laying, driving with the windows down, or having a glass of cold white wine on a warm summer night). 

Listen to: She Lit a Fire, Wait by the River, Meet Me in the Woodsand basically the whole Lonesome Dreams album